White Water Safety And Rescue

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The White Water Safety and Rescue course is a comprehensive two-day program designed to equip kayakers and canoeists with essential skills and knowledge to keep them selves as well as their group or peers safe, and how to manage emergencies that may arise in such environments. Accredited by British Canoeing, this course is recognized for its high standards and quality training.


Throughout the course, participants will gain a solid foundation in white water safety techniques, rescue strategies, and incident management. Expert instructors will guide students through both theoretical and practical sessions, offering hands-on experience and engaging discussions. The curriculum is carefully designed to ensure participants understand the unique challenges presented by white water environments and are equipped with the necessary tools to handle emergencies confidently and efficiently.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understanding White Water: Gain comprehensive knowledge of white water characteristics, including hazards, features, and gradient levels, to make informed decisions while paddling.
  2. Personal Safety: Learn how to identify and assess risks, apply appropriate safety measures, and effectively use personal protective equipment
  3. White Water Swimming Techniques: how to move around the river effectively efficiently and as safe as possible.
  4. Rescue Techniques: Develop essential rescue skills, such as throw-bag rescues, basic rope work, enabling participants to assist others in need.
  5. Mechanical Advantage: using basic equipment to apply extra force on to rescue systems.
  6. Incident Management: Acquire the ability to calmly and effectively manage white water-related emergencies, including capsized boats, entrapments, and strainers, ensuring the safety of all involved parties.
  7. Communication and Teamwork: Learn how to interact and collaborate within a team during rescue scenarios, including effective communication techniques and establishing clear roles and responsibilities.
  8. Equipment Knowledge: Understand the proper use and maintenance of essential rescue equipment, such as throw bags, buoyancy aids, and karabiners.


£199per person

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We run this course from our training centre on the banks of the river Dee in Llangollen.
TNR Outdoors Mile End Mill, Llangollen, LL20 8AD

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded the nationally recognized British Canoeing White Water Safety and Rescue certification. This certification demonstrates a solid understanding of white water safety principles, rescue techniques, and incident management, showcasing the participant’s commitment to personal and group safety in white water environments. It is a prerequisite for many canoe and kayak leadership courses.

This course will run from 0930-1700 over two days.

This course is suitable for kayakers and canoeists aged 16+ of all skill levels who are interested in increasing their safety awareness and gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently navigate white water. Whether you are a recreational paddler or an aspiring white water enthusiast, this course will empower you to enjoy your chosen paddling discipline with enhanced safety and rescue capabilities.

No previous white water experience is necessary; however, participants should possess basic paddling skills and be comfortable swimming in moving water. Good physical fitness and a positive attitude towards learning and teamwork are also essential.

You will need your own personal protective equipment, this should include suitable clothing such as a wetsuit or a dry suit, suitable footwear with a thick soul, a white water helmet and a whitewater PFD with a releasable harness, you should also bring your own throwline with releasable belt and a knife. We may be able to lend some items, or alternatively we have a kayak and paddle sport retailer on site.

We recommend Penrith as a central point giving us good access to the A66 / M6 Corridors. We normally put everyone in touch beforehand to give you the option to share lifts and book somewhere communal. We’ve got a few recommendations too.

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