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Bren Orton -  Travels with a kayak- 4th November 2019

World renowned kayaker Bren Orton is coming home!


Bren started his paddling at Mile End Mill, learning new freestlye moves and developing his skills, In the last year Bren has paddled in Zambia, Canada, America, Nepal as well as the UK.


He will be telling some tales and showing some footage of his adventures.


A  great night, not to be missed!

Bren 2

An Evening of Safety & Rescue - Tom Parker & Chris Brain  -30th Nov 2019

We have managed to secure two of the country's top paddlesport  coaches for an entertaining evening centered around Whitewater Safety & Rescue.


Tom Parker sits on the British Canoeing White Water Technical Panel and is a Home Nation Trainer for the Whitewater Safety & Rescue and Advanced Whitewater Safety & Rescue Courses.


Chris Brain literally wrote the book on the subject; Whitewater Safety & Rescue Essentials which was published earlier this year and is available in all good bookstores.


From tales of misadventure and excitement to discussions of the human factor in the cause of incidents on the river this is a must for whitewater paddlers of all abilities.

Tom & Chris

Tall Tales from Deep Gorges -  Darren Clarkson-King -  18th January 2020

Daz Clarkson is a veteran of Himalayan kayaking expeditions both pioneering and whilst guiding others for his company Pureland Expeditions.


Daz has several incredible achievements to his name including the first solo descent of all the rivers that drain everest,


Last year Daz was the lead kayaker on Steve Backshall's TV show Expedition which involved a first descent in Bhutan.


Enjoy an evening of tall tales from this and some other of Daz's exploits. Daz could describe making a cup of tea and it would be trilling so this really is an evening not to be missed.


Adam Evans: A Beginners Guide to Mental Preparation & Training Techniques

15th Feb 2020 and 29th Feb 2020

Are you a performer that wants to be better? This is for you.


Sports coaches, athletes, public speakers, outdoor practicioners, leaders, trainers & professionals. come and learn about a host of simple ways to change how we feel on the build up to an important event or performance. We all need to occasionally get into the zone and be even more ready to engage with a challenge.


We'll introduce some simple, effective techniques & exercises to help us prepare for a better performance. This is NOT a lecture with a powerpoint presentation - this is interactive and engaging and will take place in a workshop format.


This evening is an introduction, we are also running a weekend course on 14th & 15th March 2020


for more information about Adam Evans, check out his websites



Public Speaking Book now

Marianne Davies - Learning in the ugly zone: the importance of play & exploration.

2nd May 2020

Skilled performers seem to delight in engaging at the edges of their ability; trying, failing, trying again, failing again. Like children playing, they are exploring while they are practising.


What is going on when performers develop their skills through play and exploration? When what they have done in the past starts to break down and they find new solutions beginning to emerge? It looks ugly – because at the heart of what these athletes are doing is a movement into their Ugly Zone!”


In this talk, we will explore concepts for understanding what is going on when you can start to play and explore in the ugly zone!


https://dynamics-coaching.com for more information

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