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Amazing Adventures in Llangollen, North Wales & Beyond

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Rock Climbing and Abseiling

We are very lucky at TNR, that we are slow close to many many amazing climbing venues.  With hundreds of routes all within a few miles drive of our centre. So whether you want to learn to climb, or maybe get outside after clibing indoors or just want to try climbig for the first time, we have a crag and session to suit you.   We also train people up to be climbing instructors, so if that takes you fancy get in touch to have a chat.

Half Day Climb & Abseil

Using one of our local Crags, we will introduce you to the sport of climbing. Get you off the ground and enjoy climbing, bouldering, belaying and abseiling. Not to mention the amazing views.

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Full Day Climb & Abseil

This is a great day out. Where we try many routes, and challenges. The Day is always different depending on the group. But it is a full on clinbing adventure.

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Two Day Climbing

We are blessed in north Wales to have so many amazing venues to climb at. And this two day climbing adventure means you wil get to climb at at least two of them. lots of climbing tecniques and routes, as well as rigging too

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Climbing wall hire

Our portable climbign tower. with multiple rotues up and auto belays is the perfect addtion to any corporate event, or summer fair or birthday party.

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We have trained many clibing instructors who have gone on to work in the outdoors or jsut to take their friends or scout group out climbing safely.  Let us know if this interests you and we can let you now how we can help you achieve this.

Want to become a climbing instructor?