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Amazing Adventures in Llangollen, North Wales & Beyond

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Canoeing - open canoeing. Sometimes called canadian canoeing is something that we adore. From the gorgeous tranquil days floating along the canal, to the multi day wilderness canoe camping trips, or White water canoe adventures.  Canoes offer so much adventure in one handy floating package.  Have a look below at our most popular trips, or get in touch if you have something more specific in mind

Half day Into Lesson to Canoeing

This half day introduction to Canoeing is just that.  3 hours along the Picturesque Llangollen canal Teaching you how to Canoe  Suitable for complete  novices of any age and fitness

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Half day Aqueduct Cruise by Canoe

Canoeing over the pontcysllte Aqueduct is without doubt my favourite way to travel over it.  Gracefull and fun. And a differnt way to see the views.  Canoes are the best way to cross the aqueduct.

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Full Day Guided Canoe Canal Trip

The Llangollen Canal is a gorgeous world heritage Site, and to canoe along it for the Day is truly amazing.  Canoeing in  such a gorgeous place is wonderful. A great balance between learning, sight seeing and adventure.

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Half Day White Water Canoe Taster

A Half day of White Water Canoeing is a day of learning how to make these graceful craft fly around on white water.  Perfect for solo or tandem, experienced or novice. Great fun.

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Full Day White Water Canoe

This is a full on day of White water Canoeing  We get to run more rapids, and cover more distance.  Teach you more and challenge you more. This is a great day of adventure.

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2 Day Canoe Experience

We will have 2 days of canoeing.  It will be a day on the river and a day Canoeing on open water.  Maybe an esturay trip.  Your instructor will ensure you get 2 days of enjoying canoeing in some of north wales' most amazing venues.

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We organise and run bespoke skills coaching, where we design the course around your needs and experience.  Whether this is to make you a more skillful paddler, or boost your confidence.  Or to help you become a British Canoeing Coach. We can help you.  Click on the link below to look at our skills and coaching and rescue courses

Want to learn more? Improve? Become a Coach?

Skills, Rescue and Coaching courses

Full Day Lake Canoe Experience

Canoes and Lakes go together like cake and custard.  This is an amazing day where we get to explore one of North Wales' lakes.  Canoes allow us to see more and get closer to nature.  Maybe even try a little sailing.

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River Spey

This amazing 5 day trip , from the scottish highlands to the north sea, with wild camps all the way along.  It the perfect introduction to canoe camping.

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The Great Glen

5 days canoe camping along the Icon Great Glen.  Huge open waters, flowing Rivers and wild camps. This trip has it all.  Its a right of passage to be a canoe camper to do this trip.

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Loch Awe

If Carlsberg made Lochs ..... Seriously though, this Loch has it all, stuninng views, amazing wild camping, a castle, awesome wildlife.  This is a weeks canoe buschcraft trip that you will remember forever.

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The Lower welsh Dee

A  stunning trip down our favourite local river - Such a fantastic whitewater trip with continual interesting Grade 1 - 2  for the entire day,  under some amazing structures like the UNESCO world heritage site Aqueduct

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